Conshohocken Lawn Care Service and Landscaping

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Conshohocken Lawn Care Service and Landscaping

Conshohocken’s premier landscaping and lawn maintenance company, Terra Landscaping prides itself on being a creative, professional alternative for homeowners not interested in the just another contractor. Learn more about some of the services we offer below and call or contact us online for a free estimate today.

Conshohocken Landscape Design and Landscape Architecture – Our expert landscape design and architecture professionals utilize what exists on your property, enhance it with grading, plantings, paving, and whatever it takes to achieve the look you want.

Conshohocken Seasonal Gardening and Planting – Our seasonal gardening experts can recommend plants and shrubs that can survive and flourish.

Conshohocken Soil Grading – Have you ever looked around your lawn after a heavy rain and noticed puddles, or areas that don’t drain well? This is most likely being caused by bad soil grading and Terra can help.

Conshohocken Sod Installation and Lawn Renovation – Sod installation and lawn renovation is for you if you can’t wait for a more traditional seed, water and wait approach. Learn more about a lawn renovation strategy for your home.

Conshohocken Tree Transplanting and Shrub Transplanting– Tree and shrub transplanting takes experienced horticulturists, people who really know plants and trees. Contract us for your next transplant project.

Conshohocken Retaining Wall Construction and Patio Construction – Terra Landscaping is noted for their innovative and creative deck and patio construction. Add value and an “extra room” to your home for a much lower cost than an actual room.

Conshohocken Pool Maintenance – Pool cleaning is a service that Terra Landscaping provides, and it can turn your house into THE spot for family picnics, or a relaxing exercise venue for you that’s right out your door.

Terra’s 6 Step Lawn Program – Find out more about Terra’s 6 steps to lawn success!

Conshohocken Lawn Care and Lawn Service– Terra Landscaping has people who know lawns and will care for yours like it’s their own. Your lawn becomes a year-round advertisement for us, so we work hard to make sure it looks great! Call today to arrange a lawn maintenace program for your home.

Conshohocken Lawn Fertilization– Terra Landscaping has people who know lawns. That means just the right amount of fertilizer to supercharge the growth of your grass!

Conshohocken Lawn AerationLawn aeration and fertilization are two key components of growing a great looking lawn and we recommend them to all our lawn care clients.

Conshohocken Weed Control and Weed Management – The best time to treat weeds is early in their life cycle. Call Terra in early spring and we’ll apply herbicide to grassy weeds, such as crabgrass, and broadleaf weeds, like dandelion, in the fall.

Conshohocken Mulch Installation and Mulching – Don’t just pick the lowest-cost spreader; get the pros who take everything that’s happening on your lawn seriously. Choose Terra Landscaping as your mulch installation and mulching company!

Conshohocken Pest Management and Lawn Pest Control – We not only control insect pests, we take care of burrowing rodents like gophers and moles. With pest management and lawn pest control, we keep your lawn looking great!

Conshohocken Tree Service and Tree Care – Terra Landscaping understands that trees need to be understood and treated with care. After all, some of them have been here longer than us, and with our care, they can be here for many more.

Conshohocken Snow Removal and Snow Plowing – Let Terra Landscaping do your snow removal and snow plowing so you can deal with the rest of the winter weather without that worry on your mind.